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About the Show

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Michael Duffy

Keith Fayan

Rhode Island Live from the Met, a program developed by Jonathan Flynn and Rudy Cheeks, and produced in conjunction with Rhode Island PBS, features local, regional and national live music performances from the MET in Pawtucket and begin airing its second season in October, 2014.  The show showcases the best Rhode Island music from the past 40 years. It consists of live musical performances and interviews recorded at the MET in Pawtucket.

The artists represent a wide variety of genres, popularity, and experience, including some of today's most popular local artists, lesser known artists trying to make a name for themselves, and some of Rhode Island's better known musical veterans. See artists page for first season artists.

The show will feature live musical performances from the Met and interviews with musicians and band members.

The series airs on Thursday nights at 10 through December on Rhode Island PBS (over the air on digital 36.1; Cox 08 / 1008HD, Verizon FiOS 08 / 508HD, and Full Channel 08; DirecTV 36 / 3128HD, Dish Network 7776; in MA, Comcast 819HD and Verizon FiOS 18 / 518HD). Each episode will rebroadcast on the following Saturday at 2:30 a.m. and Sunday at 11 p.m.

"What we are trying to accomplish is to capture and unleash the energy and excitement of live musical performances in front of an enthusiastic audience," said Rudy Cheeks, co-founder. "Through this experience, we hope viewers will feel an appreciation for the creative community in Rhode Island and maybe help build the careers of local and regional musical artists," he said. "The arts have already proven to be a powerful economic engine and we'd like to add to that," Cheeks said.

“We are delighted to premiere ’Meet Me at THE MET’ on Rhode Island PBS," said Dave Piccerelli, President & CEO at Rhode Island PBS “THE MET is a great local stage for live performances, and Rhode Island PBS is the bigger stage that amplifies those local voices. It’s that local connection that differentiates us from other TV stations, and how we engage and serve our community," Piccerelli added. " We’re collectively building an innovative experience, not just for Rhode Island PBS viewers, but one that will carry the Rhode Island music scene across the country,” Piccerelli said.

In addition to the television program, Meet Me at THE MET will develop other programs and initiatives aimed at promoting local music artists, professionals, and music programs, including artists that are not part of the television show.

"I feel happy to have my memories of all the music in the 70’s and all the musical changes and events and the evolution of it. It’s tragic there is no documentation of it. We had these bands in the 70s that were a mixture of blues, rhythm and blues, and rock. Music goes in and out of style. Many of the groups around now, Deer Tick, Joe Fletcher and the Silks are similar to the groups from the 70s. If someone documents these bands, it will be a history of music." Rich Lupo

Rhode Island Live from the Met is currently seeking underwriters for the project, offering a number of options. Initial funders include the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and Washington Trust, with additional contributions from the Providence Phoenix, Imaj Associates, the Met, WSBE, Litho Print, RIPTA, Michael Duffy and Mojo Photography.


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Rhode Island Live from the Met